Basic character art

  • Transparent, flat color, or simple patterned background only. Need a real background? Keep scrolling!
  • Humans are where I have the most experience. I also draw a lot of horses. 
  • 25%-off for halfbody, 50%-off for headshot
  • Add 25% for a custom character design
  • Characters with complex design elements may cost extra (such as: wings, extra limbs, detailed markings)
  • Payment required upfront for new clients

$30 - Fullbody sketch


$40 - Simple colors and shading


$50 - Cell shading with colored lines


Sketch Page

Sum of all elements based on prices above. (shading with no color counts as a "sketch") Small decorations are free.


Pixel Art and animation

50x50: $30
100x200: $40
200x200: $50
Other/Animation: Ask for quote


Ref Sheet

Sum of elements priced above plus 25% designing fee
Will send you regular WIPs and make changes as needed. Partial payment until design is completed is okay.

Want a commission?


  • Prices are approximate, exact quote will be given at order description or after preliminary sketch. 
  • Larger pieces require payment upfront for new clients.

$50 - Monochrome sketch


$70 - Colored sketch


$ 90 - Detailed character shading, simple background


$120 or more- Full illustration with environmental background

Ready to order?

Comic pages
(Personal use)

  • Prices are approximate, quote will be provided after initial sketch(es). Simple shots/angles will lower price, complex characters/environments will raise price. 
  • For personal use only.

$40 /page - Sketch


$50 /page - Single color or manga style


$60 /page - Monochrome or up to 3 colors


$70 /page - Full color

Comic Pages
(Work for Hire)

  • Per-page rate varies by size of project, price increases for larger projects (to accommodate the increasing strain on my attention span).
  • Prices are for print-ready, royalty free final artwork. Color/rendering/style has no bearing on price.
  • I don't have personal assistants or colorists. I do every stage of the process myself.
  • Client will own copyright for all artwork, and copyright for unique characters created for the project. I'm known for cameoing my own characters - I will retain those copyrights. 
  • Prices are flexible, negotiating royalties and resell rights for the final book would reduce price. 
  • For mobile/infinite-scroll episodes, categories are per-panel x 3: (1-150, 150-300, 300-600, and 600+), and price per panel is divided by three.
  • For very short projects (under 20 pages) I can also charge by the hour at $20/hour.

1-50 pages

$ 90 per page

50-100 pages

$ 100 per page

100-200 pages

$ 110 per page

200+ pages

$ 120 per page

Thank you for your interest in buying a commission from me!

Shoot me an email and let's talk details

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